There are several ways to plan for your dining requirements:

Bring Your Own – We encourage you to bring your own food, and take advantage of the full kitchen in each cabin. You can use our cooking utensils and dinnerware. A dishwasher is available in each cabin for fast clean up. There is a large HEB store in Dripping Springs, which is 10 minutes away. This is a great place to stock up on your favorite foods.

At Hillside- Our enclosed dining pavilion, Upper Pavilion, pictured in this section, is complete and may be used for meetings, family visits, or dining. It currently rents for $250 for your stay.This is available for guests only, but works well for large groups.  If you have a large group for barbecue or outdoor grilling, there is a BBQ pavilion located centrally with 2 combo grills (charcoal and propane) and a smoker.  We also have nice big picnic tables between the cabins if you want to eat outdoors.

Local Restaurants – There are many great restaurants in the local area, which we can direct you to. Each cabin has a guest book full of recommendations, menus and information.  Whether you prefer fine dining or a more casual approach, there are ample great eateries within a few minutes of the retreat.  Food styles vary from 5 star dining, for example, Creek Cafe, (Dripping Springs) to some of the best BBQ and buttermilk pie which is available at Ronnie's (Johnson City, Texas) Pig Pen BBQ, Dripping Springs,  Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, is world-renowned and Railroad BBQ in Dripping Springs is just down the road with convenient drive-thru. All are within 15-20 minutes of the retreat.


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Herbs at Hillside Acres Retreat